About Revia

We are happy professionals looking forward in changing the way people buy, sell or rent properties.

We focus in creating an excellent experience to our customers, by using all our know-how and techniques, throughout the transaction of either sell or buy a property.

What we believe

Here at Revia we believe that the selection of a property is critical and people need an expert’ s guidance so the decisions they take will be for their benefit.

We understand though that their time is valuable in today’ s world and this creates even a stronger need of hiring an expert who is going to perform all the activities needed without the need of spending their time.

The same values for the sellers as well who are in need of selling a property either to further invest the money, or for any other personal reason. We believe that the experience they get is not what they deserve, and we work in finding solutions to ease their lives.

How we succeed

For us things are clear and simple. We know what we should do for each case, and we understand and follow procedures which can be tailored to customers needs, as every customer is unique. By ensuring we deliver a great experience to our customers, we are getting another step forward.

How we behave

Life is all about giving, and business is all about people. We communicate with friendliness and caring. We like people, we like what we do and we like to be treated that way.

What drives us

Revia was built to create value to people

Sell, buy, rent or let properties at the right price and fast.

Expert Advice

Procedures which enable people to make the right choice.

Longer working hours

We understand you are busy and you need people to help you on your schedule.

Innovative Real Estate

We are creating value to our customers, using tools and methods they were never aware of.

Easy Advanced Search

We help you find the ideal property, by providing smart search engine.

Unlimited Options

Our people are continuously looking for new properties to ensure our buyers find the right one. It’s more than what you see here.

Listing Choices

Choose from different listing options to let or sell your property. Just they way you want it to be.

… and many other cool features …

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