Our team of experts focuses in creating excellent experience to our customers, throughout the transaction cycle of either selling or buying a property.  

Customers always come first!

What We Believe In.

Whether buying, renting, or investing in real estate, finding the right property is a unique experience that is usually accompanied by uncertainty, fear and other negative feelings.  It doesn’t really need to be like that.

Here in Revia Estates we believe in positive thinking and we always behave to people around us, either customers or employees and associates, in a way that is based in our belief system, the foundation of our success…

  • Customers always come first
  • Trust – our number one priority
  • Aiming at win-win agreements
  • Honesty – even when we loose
  • Teamwork
  • Grow together

From our family to yours.

Buying a home is probably once in a lifetime experience.  REVIA family focuses on our customers’ personal and family needs while offering an exceptional service.  We treat each client with absolute care and professionalism.

Client Focused.

Part of our Belief System!!!  REVIA team success is the result of focusing on the uniqueness and needs of each and every one of our clients.  Our clients are our business.

Results Driven.

Helping people achieve their dream of home ownership or succeed in life through investing in Real Estate. 

Feel the excitement and satisfaction of having another satisfied customer that trusted Revia to achieve her/ his personal or professional goal.

Revia was built to create value to people

Sell, buy, rent or let properties at the right price and fast.

Expert Advice

Procedures which enable people to make the right choice.

Longer working hours

We understand you are busy and you need people to help you on your schedule.

Innovative Real Estate

We are creating value to our customers, using tools and methods they were never aware of.

Easy Advanced Search

We help you find the ideal property, by providing smart search engine.

Unlimited Options

Our people are continuously looking for new properties to ensure our buyers find the right one. It’s more than what you see here.

Listing Choices

Choose from different listing options to let or sell your property. Just they way you want it to be.



Our clients’ experiences are the strongest proof we can present about us delivering on our service promises.

We, as a company, enjoy very much to work with talented, open-minded, ambitious people, with knowledge and experience in our field, ready to break the boundaries of the small society we are living in with innovative ideas and always be one step ahead of the others. One of those people which I am very delighted to work with, is Zahos Athanasiades and his company. We share a strong friendship and business co-operation and I wish that in the future, we may have together even bigger success, with always the aim to make happy customers full of satisfaction.
by Andreas Andreou
Managing Director, Sokaco Group
Nowadays, it is very easy to find a piece of land that interests you or a house to buy, sell or rent. What is not easy though is to find trustworthy people who will advise you correctly, professionally, and thoroughly about the investment decision you intend to make. That's why in all my real estate investments I always involve Revia Estates which I recommend to everyone unreservedly!!!
by Nikos Trikkis
CEO, Trikkis Group of Companies
Interested to buy or sell?  You want your dreams come true?  Then use a quality and reliable agency, contact Revia Estates.  The number one estate agency in Limassol, Cyprus with a profound knowledge, guidance, and support.   They will lead you immediately to the best deals ever in either process of buying or selling, securing your best interests effortlessly and quickly. So taking my turn, I want to thank the whole team of Revia and recommend their services to all people concerned as they will respect your needs and find the best solution for everyone.
by Melita Kyriakidou

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